Club News 2022-1 

December News 2022

                                                                                                           Pool Table                                                                                                                                                                                      

The Committee have recently agreed to trial a pool table in the club for three months from January which will enable full evaluation by members and the committee as to whether there is benefit for the club in having one permanently.

The pool table will initially be placed in the darts area where people rarely sit. It is recognised that upstairs is another possible location but the expense of hauling a full sized table upstairs for three months is not justified and we will need to consider at the conclusion of the trial. Indications are our pool table users will be in from 7.30 onwards when the club is relatively empty or empty and it is anticipated we will gain members and attract current affiliated members.

In making their decision on the trial the committee have to consider the 70 hours when the club is open and not just the peak hours when our valued and regular customers are there. It is unfortunately plain to see that on many evenings the club is relatively empty after 7.30 and we need to look at increasing bar revenue.

Concerns were voiced many years ago when we first introduced darts which has made a massive difference to the club. Darts nights often bring in £500 extra to the bar. A pool league does similar for the Constitutional Club.

No one knows for certain what the impact will be and is the very reason the committee have decided on a trial. We will then all be able to make an informed judgement.

The Committee               4 December 2022

On Thursday 15th December the Club had a complete new flooring installed.

We are sure you will be pleased with this remarkable transition giving us all a much nicer & welcoming environment for our discerning members & friends.

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November News

The Treasurer & Bar Manager recently held discussions with the Greene King Brewery representative, & as a consequence the rep has agreed to roll back the IPA increase. The good news is that the only price increases now being applied by

the Club from Monday 7th November are for Speckled Hen, Aspalls, & Carlsberg which will all increase by 15p a pint.

Earlier this year the Club’s rear flat roof covering was torn away by the extremely high winds & we also lost a number of tiles at the front of the building. A temporary repair was made free of charge and the damage has been the subject of a successful insurance claim by SWCA.

More recently, water infiltration was noticed in the ceiling above the darts area which had been caused by heavy rain seeping through the flat roof above the lift shaft. It was clear from the damaged timber in this concealed area that this infiltration had been on going for some considerable time before the water finally penetrated further inside the building.

We are pleased to report that the work has now been completed on all the damaged areas.


October News

Sep News

On Thursday 15th September the Club welcomed Scott Brown as our new Bar Steward and we wish him well in his new position with us, having bid farewell the previous evening to John Robson our Bar Steward of 12 years, & also remembering Karen Burgess or Karen Bar as she was known, with Phil her husband & other family members & friends on what would have been her birthday.

Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle, Scotland

September 8th 2022 at 96 years old.

May she rest in peace after a glorious reign of over 70 years

Long Live the King

Notice for Members & Friends

Regretfully on Wednesday 14th September the Club bids farewell to our hardworking, loyal & friend to many, John Robson our Bar Steward. John has worked diligently for us for 12 years, helping to make it such a good place to enjoy an exceptional pint of beer. John has always joined in Club activities dressing for the occasion with Bar Karen together making a wonderful team. When possible John has played Darts on Wednesday darts evenings and is a master of the game.

He will be sorely missed by us all & will be a hard act to follow

We wish John well in the future, he’s been simply the best! Good luck John.

Aug News

Car Park

It is recognised that occasionally members may wish to leave their vehicle in the car park over night. It would be appreciated that if this situation is likely to arise that Members Park their vehicle in one of the six spaces behind number 65 at the far side of the car park. These spaces are owned by the club.

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July News

With great sadness the passing on Saturday morning is announced of Karen Burgess our lovely Bar Karen. Dear Karen had been fighting bravely illness for several weeks.

Karen with John started working at the Iveagh Club approximately 12 years ago & how lucky we have been to have them both. Karen has always been a very kind & extremely hard working member of staff, always cheerful & with a beautiful smile for everyone. She’s always been a ray of sunshine to all of us.

On Party or Theme Nights she & John have always entered into the spirit of the evening dressing up in sometimes outrageous & funny costumes. Karen was a good friend & loved by everyone. She is going to be sorely missed.

Goodbye our dear & lovely Karen.



The front facing wall of the Club owned flats that are rented out, is in a poor state of repair & the wood on the Apex has deteriorated. Scaffolding has been erected & Committee Members are starting work to repair & repaint the front of the building with good quality materials

Certain members of your Club Committee have put into working order our upstairs toilet facilities & we thank them for their endeavours,  thus enabling the use of the upstairs bar area for Meetings,  and making more comfortable the annual visit of the Spanish students who we welcome again on their return to Leigh.