Club News 2022-2

June News 2022

Club will be open daily from 12 noon until 11.30p.m.  with review of opening hours taking place in the Autumn.

Committee members have worked diligently on the Club Garden, trimming the hedges, clearing weeds & general tidying up making it an ideal place to sit and enjoy a drink with friends hopefully in the sunshine.  Our keen gardeners produced 5 huge containers of garden rubbish. Thanks very much to them for all their hard work improving the appearance of our Club.   

Judith                                                                                                Click on image to see larger version

May News

Cellar Cooling - update

The Project team of committee members have been continuing their work on the cellar. The air conditioning unit has now been serviced by a refrigeration engineer. A party balloon was found blocking one of the inlets. New insulation has been fitted to the external pipes. On the advice of the engineer we have fitted a timer to reduce the operating hours of the air conditioning, primarily during the night. To ensure the continuing high standard of our draught beers we have purchased a new thermostat which enables us to accurately monitor the high and low temperatures in the night. The final stage is to insulate the ceiling and also install insulation to the doorways. We will give a final update when this is complete.

Greene King Jubilee Celebration Golden Ale 4% vol.

The Club has taken delivery of a barrel of Green King Celebration Golden Ale and it will be available shortly. When it’s gone it’s gone!

Ladies & Gentlemen please observe improvements to our Comfort Stations (Toilets), a Committee Member has upgraded the men’s urinals & also provided electronic hand dryers for both sets of toilets.  We gratefully thank this person for makingthis generous donation & making essential visits more pleasant.

Following the approval of the Club’s 2021 Accounts at the A.G.M.  on 22nd April the Club’s Company Tax Return has been submitted to HMRC. The Corporation Tax which is due by the end of September 2022 has been paid.

The Club’s cellar is located at ground level & like most licensed premises uses an air conditioning system to keep the cellar & beers cool.  It is quite expensive to run & we are currently looking at ways we might be able to reduce the running costs whilst maintaining the high quality of our beers at the pumps. We have had meetings with Greene King & also an independent refrigeration expert. Work is continuing to find the optimum solution for the Club which may be a combination of measures.

April News

The Club owns two flats which it rents out with formal tenancy agreements completed.

The Treasurer recently commissioned new Energy Performance Assessments for the properties & these are now complete resulting in a C energy rating for both properties. This is not only compliant for current regulations for rental properties but also for the new regulations being introduced in 2025. Valid Gas & Electrical compliance certificates are also in place.

The Club’s Garage was vacated earlier this month enabling work to continue removing considerable ivy growth on the roof & the removal of many years of junk that had accumulated. The scrap metal items from the garage were left outside the Club & were gone next day, remaining items were taken to the Council recycling centre. The ivy on the roof had been growing for many years & two large sacks weighing an estimated ton in weight were removed over two days. Work continues with some more minor repairs.

We are pleased to advise members that after fifteen days the Garage roof has been repaired & the garage has been let. Thanks to Committee Member who carried out the repairs. 

We have been informed by several members who’ve recently made wills that they are leaving bequests to the Club because of happy times spent here & if anyone else feels inclined to do the same we will be very grateful.

On Tuesday April 5th Joan Shakespeare our Vice President celebrated her 90th Birthday in the Club with a party for family & friends.

Malcolm provided music for the occasion & played a number of Joan’s recordings from her time with the Southend Operatic Society.

Joan has been an active member of the Iveagh Club since the early 1960’s.


March News

The Treasurer met with the Club’s Accountants TVM Accountants On 2nd March to go through the draft Accounts for 2021. A final copy has been sent to the Club Committee for approval at it’s March Meeting.

Following requests from members a Bar Price list is now displayed at the bar.

The list was compiled by one of our members who also donated the frames. Many thanks to this member!

The Environmental Health Officer visited the Club On 2nd March & there were no issues.

The annual General Meeting of the Club has been arranged for Friday 22nd April

at Iveagh Hall.  More details to follow later.

The Club Accounts have been approved by the Committee & a copy will be available to members on request. This must not be removed from the Club & returned after reading to Bar.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Unfortunately we have discovered a nasty hole & also missing tiles on our Club Roof, this also affects an internal ceiling so repairing it is urgent. We are askingif members can in these difficult times please donate to our Club Roof Fund. I know we have generous members who will help us. See Photos

A.G.M. Update.

If anyone has been a Member of our Club for 2 years or more & feels confident that they have skills to help us they are invited to stand for Committee Membership soon, submitting full C.V. & a photograph of themselves to appear for Members information before our Club Election.  Notices will appear at the appropriate time in the Club.  Club A.G.M. Friday 22nd April 6.30p.m. in the Hall.

Names of our staunch supporters are not usually mentioned in this section but Music Mike is an exception, entertaining us on so many Saturday’s & we thank him for his continued support.

Last Saturday we had a very successful Quiz night & we are hoping to repeat this later in the year.  We do thank our wonderful Quiz master!


February News

All the documents necessary to produce the Club’s Accounts were sent to our

Accountants in early January.  A first draft of the Accounts have since been received.

The direct debit for our December’s quarter VAT was taken this month & all the Club’s

taxes are fully paid up.

Following negotiations by the Secretary a credit note has been received from the

Performing Rights Society.  The  Club’s music licence is fully paid until 5th January 2023.

You may have noticed that there has been Ivy climbing over the Club’s garage roof & one of our gallant Committee Members will stem the growth & subsequently remove the Ivy when it is safe to do so.

The same Committee Member has unblocked the drain behind the Club & repaired the damaged surround.

Our Club Treasurer will be arranging for a drone survey of the Club’s roof at no charge to us to enable condition of roof to be ascertained.

The Club’s porch door frame was unfortunately damaged in the wind & one of our Committee members will look to do repair at no cost other than materials.

You may have noticed that some of the Club’s chairs need the seat bases to be refurbished & one of our Committee members has agreed to start this task at no charge apart from materials etc.

The Committee are doing it’s best for our Members & we ask you to support our Club & join us as often as possible. We thank you for all your ongoing help & support.