Club News 2023

2023 December News


The cracked and leaking asbestos roofs on the two garages that are owned by the Club have been replaced. New timbers have been added with new facias and


It has been a long process to reach completion, facing many hurdles dealing with

four builders, with one withdrawing after giving a firm quote and agreeing to undertake the work, whilst another changed the specification. Committee member Trevor

persevered with all the suppliers involved and we thank him for for all his hard work.

The garages form part of our rental income together with our two flats and have

supported the Club’s income in the past and will do so for the foreseeable future

and so it’s of great importance that they are maintained to a good standard for

the long term.

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November News

We are continuing our renovations to the Club and have had blinds installed in the upstairs Games Room.

October News


Thank you to all members, their families & friends who attended last Wednesday’s

MacMillan Coffee Afternoon. £255 was raised for the Charity.

August News

Cellar Insulation

The cooling of the Clubs Cellar at the rear of the building consumes significant amounts of electricity with both the Air Conditioning Unit and Beer Cooler. In the summer the consumption can nearly double with the sun on the rear black felt roof.

Last year some energy saving improvements were made and we have now completed Phase 2 with insulation of the ceiling.


The Clubs Electrical Infrastructure has had a major upgrade and is now fully compliant with electrical regulations.

The work included replacement of all four consumer units and electrical components including some light fittings throughout all three floors of the building.  The Clubs contribution towards the total cost of the work was approximately £2300.  The Electrical Certificate compliments the Gas Safety

Certificate and the Energy Performance Certificate rating C which are all in place for the Club.

The Committee

28 July 2023

July News

New vertical blinds.

We have installed new vertical blinds in the club replacing the old and worn Venetian blinds that have been there for many years. We have also taken the opportunity to put frosted film on the small side window.

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June News

Ceiling Tiles

The ceiling tiles in the club are gradually being replaced with new ones. Many of the existing tiles are stained with nicotine and had seen better days. There are approximately 114 tiles to be replaced some of which need to be cut to shape. We have purchased all the tiles and will fit them when we can. All the old tiles will need to be disposed of since they are not recyclable.


Apart from the parasols there was nothing outside our premises to indicate we are a licensed club.
We asked Greene King if they could provide an appropriate sign which would include the other facilities we have. They have kindly provided a banner free of charge which we have now displayed at the front of our club.

Top Floor Club Rooms

In recent months work has been underway to clear the three top floor rooms. They were in a poor state of repair following roof damage last year. The internal repairs are now complete and the rooms have been cleared of rubbish and unwanted items that had been dumped there under the previous administration.

The largest of the rooms has been decorated and will be used as the clubs office which we have moved from the 1st floor. This in now complete at practically no cost to the club. There is still much to be done in sorting of the old records and files.

The old 1st floor office will in due course be refurbished and used as an additional function room. It is already in use for the Board Games night.

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May News

Last Friday, Holly, the daughter of Bar Karen was accompanied

by John Robson,

Bar John joined us in the Club to receive £355 that was donated by Club members

supporting her participation in the Walk of Life Cancer Charity Event.

Holly would like to thank

all Club member

for their generous donations in memory of her Mother.

She has raised a further £1205.

Heating System.

Some modifications have recently been made to the club heating system. Upstairs two Thermostatic Radiator Valves and a radiator have been replaced. The system has also had installed a 7 day programmer which will enable the club to set on and off times separately for each day. These changes will enable the club to have more control of the system and room temperatures. Manual intervention will occasionally be required when there are sudden changes to the weather to adjust the settings.


The borders in the Club Garden at the front and side have become overgrown and untidy. We are having a Garden tidy up morning on Saturday 3 June between 9am and 12 Midday, help from our members would be really appreciated. If you can help please put your name down below and bring your owngarden tools. Refreshments will be provided.

April News

Greene King Coronation Ale now on sale in the club.

It is a light golden ale at

4% strength.

Available for a limited period,

when it’s gone it’s gone.

On Friday 14th April our new Games Room was officially opened by our Club President Anna Firth M.P. She said that she was delighted to cue the first ball at the Club, winning her first game, and praising the new facilities the Club can now offer it’s members. Anna spent nearly 3 hours chatting to members.

March News

Iveagh Conservative Club Ltd.

69 Leigh Road, Leigh on sea,

Essex. SS9 1JW


The Annual General of the Iveagh Conservative Club Limited will be held on Friday 14th April 2023 at the Iveagh Hall.

Notice of any motion for inclusion in the Agenda for the meeting must be submitted to the Acting Secretary Judith Canham no later than 24th March 2023.

No business other than that specified in the Agenda shall be transacted at the meeting.

The Club Committee, together with the help of some helpful Club Members & our Bar Steward, have recently completed the refurbishment of the old upstairs Greene King lounge & bar into a Pool & Darts lounge. The old lounge had rarely been used for decades & we now have a smart useable lounge which has the added potential to increase the Club’s income.

The work involved removing the existing bar & shelving, making good: plumbing, electrical & lighting changes, much redecorating, other repairs & of course many trips to the Council tip. A new large screen television & installation of CCTV has also taken place & a new carpet was fitted by a local Company. It took our team of very strong men one & a half hours to move the Pool Table upstairs.

Everyone involved in the transformation of the upstairs Games Room have spent many hours of their own time to improve our Club facilities & have made an excellent job of it. Well done everyone you are true stars! Thank you so much.

February News

Attention to Members

Each year we welcome a group of Spanish Students in from July 1st-19th.

The Club will shortly be replacing its CCTV system to improve security and work is expected to commence very soon.

As you know, our current system is antiquated and only monitors the rear car park. The replacement system will include coverage of the front and rear of the property as well as including both the downstairs and upstairs lounges.

The new system will record images and the old monochrome monitor will be replaced by a new colour one. Installation is being undertaken free of charge by Club members together with Committee members, and it will be phased in over a period of time.

Club Accounts for 2022 are shown below.

January News

Credit & Debit card processing

The Club’s card processing has been undertaken by Worldpay for several years and we have wanted to change our supplier of these services for sometime. The costs are high and they auto renew contracts without notice and they have also increased prices without notice. In our opinion the customer service is poor.

Late last year an opportunity came up to change and we signed an agreement with DNA Payments. We have since mid January been using our new supplier and it is working well and we will now terminate Worldpay contract.

The annual cost of Worldpay to the Club was approximately £2500, whereas DNA payments will be £1000 for the same transactions.

John Spencer

Club Treasurer

Iveagh Conservative Club Ltd

69 Leigh Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex. SS9 1JW


Greene King have increased their prices across their own brewed draught ales on all deliveries from 6 February 2023.

The Committee have agreed to increase the prices

on Speckled Hen and Greene King IPA by 10p a pint to take effect from Monday 13 February 2023. 

We thank you for your continued support.

The Committee

4 February 2023

On Tuesday 3rd January the Club had installed a Pool table which is on a three month’s

trial. It’s already becoming popular & here are some photographs that I took on Wednesday evening. click image for larger version